Our Dogs attending Adoption Days


The following dogs are scheduled to attend our
September 16 & 17, 2017
Adoption Day Event,
from 10 am until 5 pm

Pet Food Express’ Bay Area Pet Fair
Alameda County Fairgrounds
4501 Pleasanton Ave
(925) 426-7600

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Females attending

Adalaide is a sweet, 3-year-old who was rescued from the Oakland Animal Shelter when time ran out there for her. Adalaide is good on leash; no pulling, stays right at our side. On walks she does seem a little scared around new surroundings and would benefit from exposure. She may do best with another dog to get confidence from. Adalaide is good with dogs and meet a rambunctious male at the shelter. She showed no issues, she just walked away from all his rambunctiousness. More...
Harper M
Harper is a sweet, young girl who is also incredibly smart. Harper was adopted in January from the Martinez Animal Shelter and returned with kennel cough which she has been treated for.  Harper comes when called but is in need of training and basic manners. Since coming into rescue she has been getting regular walks by volunteers and her leash manners have greatly improved. She enjoys toys and is fine with taking them away from her. She enjoys barking at dogs through a fence but walks nicely with them when there is no barrier. She seems to have been a backyard dog left to bark at whoever passed by. More...
Opal O
Opal is a very nice girl who looks like she has recently weaned a litter of pups, possibly more. This wonderful 4 year old found herself homeless and out of time at the Oakland Animal Shelter. Opal comes immediately when called and is easy to leash up. She also walks calmly and nicely on leash and takes treats with a very gentle mouth. Opal also waited until she got outside to potty, which leads us to believe that she is housebroken. More...
Solara is a happy and sweet mixed breed Shepherd who is looking for a family to call her own. We estimate she is about 4 years old. She is gentle with people and curious about other animals.  Solara did well on her shelter evaluation, since she is friendly and playful she charms evaluators. She is a bit timid initially but warms up quickly and is eager to make friends and get belly rubs.  Solara is good at meeting other dogs. During her stay at a boarding kennel she routinely walked with Maximus who she greets with a tail wag. More...
Tasman is a sweet, affectionate and enthusiastic 9 month old. She was picked up as a stray from San Leandro and rescued by GSRNC when her time was up. Tasman will come when called and solicits attention. She will sit nicely for treats which she takes with a gentle mouth. She is somewhat boisterous around other dogs until she gets to meet them. At the shelter, she went nose to nose with a kennel-mate and only had tail wags for the dog. As far as toys go, she showed no interest in balls and was unfamiliar with squeaky toys. More...

Males attending

Chaplin is a handsome 4 year old who found himself homeless at the Martinez Animal Shelter. Chaplin loves toys, especially the ball and chasing after it. He likes toys so much that he "failed" his shelter evaluation for being too focused on toys. He tested well with dogs but was much more interested in getting back to his toys! This boy needs a Kong for every room in the house. Chaplin walks well on leash. He is not particularly gentle when taking treats although he is getting better with reminders. Up to this point he has just been very hungry, so his enthusiasm gets the best of him. More...
Dustin O
Dustin is a handsome black and tan male German Shepherd with a stride that is simply beautiful to watch. Dustin is approximately 83 pounds and was rescued from the Oakland Animal Shelter. We estimate he is about 3 years old. Dustin shows signs of having fly strike ears, which leads us to believe that he was an outside dog. For not having much experience living indoors, his house manners are surprisingly good. Dustin is crate trained, house trained and does not try to get on furniture. More...
Maestro (Italian for Master) is approximately 6 years old, is very loving, sweet and loves to give kisses. Maestro was picked up as a stray near the Sun Valley Mall in Concord where he, no doubt, had shopping to do. Maestro enjoys lots of belly rubs and if you don't have one to offer, he will politely ask for it by laying down and exposing his belly. He takes belly rubs with a lot of grace and delight. He is very loving with humans and is an independent boy with a moderate energy level. He likes a good game of tug and will also briefly follow a ball. According to his evaluation, he would do best in scent games including nose work where he would excel. More...
Symon is lovely boy who is approximately 2 1/2 years old and was rescued from the Oakland Animal Shelter. Poor Symon is initially shy and seemed a little depressed at the shelter, constantly looking for his owner who never came for him. When we think Symon, we think two words, gentle and loving. This gorgeous boy is all about saying hello and giving sweet kisses to adults and kids alike. His mellow personality and gentle friendliness will make anyone's heart melt. More...
Troy O
Troy is a cute, happy, tan and black GSD boy on the medium side (75 pounds). This 6 year old came from the Oakland Animal Shelter where he was not kenneling well and chases his tail when he is stressed. He loves balls and stuffed toys, and balls and stuffed toys....he loves them both so much that you have to have another toy so he will release the one he has. He was walked near a school yard of children playing and was completely unfazed by all the noise and movement but when a ball was being thrown around, well that got his attention and he wanted to play too! More...




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