Our Dogs attending Adoption Days


The following dogs are scheduled to attend our
May 20, 2017
Adoption Day Event,
from 11 pm until 2 pm

Palo Alto Adoption Event
Pet Food Express
3910 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto

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Females attending

Dannika (Danni) was found wandering around the streets of Oakland by a previous adopter. She decided to take her to the Peninsula Humane Society as they were not quite as over loaded as the Oakland shelter.  Danni is a 9 month old puppy who appears to not have had the best upbringing. She is sweet and affectionate but has no manners making us think she was a backyard dog. She craves attention but her way of getting it shows up in the form of jumping up on people and then running away. More...
Clover is a young black and tan beauty. Her history is a little sketchy as it appears she was an owner surrender but her paperwork said she was 9 years old. When we met her, we quickly realized this was no 9 year old dog but a very young, energetic dog. During her evaluation, Clover was all puppy, zooming around the yard but still checking in frequently to ensure us that we knew she was glad we were with her. Clover knows sit but like most rescue dogs, she would benefit greatly from structured obedience training as there is a lot she doesn't know- This includes not understanding that people don't appreciate her jumpiness. Because of this for now Clover should not go into a home with small children. More....
Ball Dog! Are you looking for a dog who loves to play fetch? Darcee will even bring the ball back to you and drop it at your feet. She is all about the ball but loves to play with people too. She is fast and agile, and with her smaller frame, she could make a great frisbee or fly ball dog too. Darcee is a playful puppy who has absolutely beautiful eyes and a lustrous, soft, black/brown coat. She is a smart dog who is crate-trained, sleeps through the night, and knows the commands sit and come and is working on wait and leave it. More...

Males attending

Ajax M
Ajax is a good natured guy that was adopted from the shelter and returned because he had kennel cough and the new owners didn't want to pay for medical treatment. He is healthy now and ready to find his real home where people will take care of him and love him for the great guy that he is.  Ajax did well on his shelter evaluation. He is gentle taking treats and shows no sign of resource guarding. He does well meeting other dogs and wants people to play with him whenever possible. More...
Evan is a big handsome black /grey boy with a beautiful stride.  He is also sweet, happy-go-lucky, and friendly with other dogs.  During his shelter evaluation he found the stash of toys which were on a high platform out of his sight.  He jumped up, grabbed a tug toy and joyfully ran around the yard throwing it in the air.  He loves to chase balls and will even bring them back.  This boy loves to play! Evan is a smart and sensitive boy who wants to please. He is a quick learner and will do well with a positive gentle approach to training.  We will post more information as we get to know him better. More...
Duraingo is a striking good size boy who thought he had found his forever home when he was adopted out from the San Martin Shelter a few months ago. Unfortunately for him, his adopters began to have landlord issues, so it was back to the shelter for him. It was at this point that we stepped in. Duraingo was an easy dog to evaluate, having zero issues at all unless you think having a great love for people and squeaky toys is an issue. More...
Keno - puppy
Keno is a two month old owner surrender from San Francisco. He was surrendered along with his brother Tack. Keno is all black except for a white line on his chest and white fur on his back paws.
On one of those crazy stormy nights in April, Petey was found wandering around in a neighborhood garage. Lucky for him, one of our volunteers was notified and rescued him from the elements. The shelter was contacted as he had a collar but no tags or chip. He was registered with the shelter, hoping someone would come forward, no one did. Petey is now part of our program. He's a nice boy, gets along with everyone including the three German Shepherds he is currently living with. His favorite friend in the house is a two year old male who he loves  to rough house with.  His prey drive seems to be low as when the other dogs in the house chase the squirrels, he just follows along but without much excitement for the chase. More...
Tack - puppy
Tack is a two month old owner surrender, along with his brother Keno, from San Francisco. Tack is all black except for a white patch on his chest.

Thulani Dogs attending

Dogs that are part of the Thulani Program are looking for a forever home that will care for them for the rest of their life, in warmth and love. Each dog will come with a supply of food, a cushy pad if wanted, and other goodies such as toys. Their medical expenses will be covered for the rest of their life by The Thulani Program. If you want to learn more about the Thulani Program please contact Bob at
Daisy LA T
The Thulani Program
Helping the most vulnerable... free medical coverage for life

Daisy is very lively with striking German Shepherd good looks. She recently arrived at the Downey Shelter in S. Cal. as a stray... but she was not alone. Daisy had befriended another GSD twice her age named Deb who was stray as well and they were taken to the shelter together. Fortunately, the dog handlers at shelter could see these two were besties and let them share the same kennel which very likely helped reduce their anxiety of landing in the Shelter. Daisy has become very attached to Deb and the Thulani Program regards them as a bonded pair. Daisy is 6 years old and has lots of energy. She is very mobile and gets along nicely with other dogs. After being rescued from the shelter Daisy joined Deb and another dog for a car ride to Thulani Central in N. Cal. Daisy settled right down and seemed to enjoy the ride... mostly just looking out the window and watching the world go by. More,,,

Deb T
The Thulani Program
Helping the most vulnerable... free medical coverage for life

Deb is a calm and sweet senior German Shepherd that was found stray in S. Cal around the city of Downey. She was not alone however. She was in the company of another GSD, Daisy, who as it turns out was her best friend and they are a bonded pair. Both Deb and Daisy were taken to the Downey Shelter... and thankfully they were kept together in the same kennel ... providing them some level of comfort in a setting of otherwise abandoned dogs. And now they have both been rescued together by the GSRNC Thulani Program. Although Deb has a sweet and friendly personality it seems clear that she was not well cared for by her prior owner. She has some painful tumors on her belly and a degree of hind-quarter immobility that was not helped with the neglect she has likely endured. More...

Robert T
The Thulani Program
Helping the most vulnerable... free medical coverage for life

Robert is a handsome yet sweet 11 year old neutered male German Shepherd that was owner surrendered to the Downey Shelter in S. Cal.  Robert is a big boy. He weighs in at 98 lbs but as you can see in his photos below it suits his frame well. Unfortunately he has some pretty severe mobility problems that might be helped by loosing some of those lbs. The medical report and xrays are consistent with Osteoarthritis. It appears that Robert's owner may have given up on him and dumped him at the shelter at the first sign that he was getting to be a senior dog however. The Thulani Program has rescued Robert so he is now safe from the perils of a crowded shelter. His mobility issues will be further explored so that we can identify what is needed for Robert to get the most out of his senior years. We have found that often times there are relatively small things that can make a big difference... such as the use of diet, a mild exercise program, and/or the use of NSAIDs or other Arthritis medication. This Sweet dog deserves whatever we can do for him. More...

Sebastan T
The Thulani Program
Helping the most vulnerable... free medical coverage for life

Sebastan is a sweet 11 year old neutered male German Shepherd that was owner surrendered to the LA Harbor Shelter. His prior owners were moving outside the area and could not take their dog alone. At 121 lbs he is a big boy but is quite gentle. He is friendly and walks nicely on a leash and lets his owner lead without pulling. The first thing you notice when you walk up to Sebastan is his Movie Star good-looks and smile. He is very friendly and loves affection from people. In addition to his good natured spirit it seems he has had some basic command training and responds to the sit command. When offered treats he gladly accepts them and gently will take them from your hand. More...

Sunny T
The Thulani Program
Helping the most vulnerable... free medical coverage for life

Sunny is a gentle and loving 11 year old male German Shepherd-Chow mix that was found wondering the streets alone near Lancaster Calif. and was taken to the local shelter. At the shelter Sunny was evaluated for his temperament and they advised that he was "Highly adoptable for all types of families."  Sunny is not quite as tall as many Shepherd mixes but for those of you who travel with your dog you will quickly realize that Sunny's smaller size is a distinct advantage. He easily fits into a smaller vehicle. More...




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