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View a list of dogs attending our Danville adoption event

View a list of dogs attending our Palo Alto adoption event

Aug  19

11 AM - 2 PM

Danville Adoption Event

Pet Food Express - Danville

609 San Ramon Valley Rd, Danville

680 North - Sycamore Valley Road exit. Merge on to Sycamore Valley Road West. Turn right on San Ramon Valley Blvd. Pet Food Express is on the left.

680 South - Sycamore Valley Road exit. Turn left of Sycamore Valley Road. Turn right on San Ramon Valley Blvd. Pet Food Express is on the left.

Aug  19

11 AM - 2 PM

Palo Alto Adoption Event

Pet Food Express

3910 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

From 101 - Take exit 400C for San Antonio Road. Turn left onto San Antonio Rd. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto E Charleston Rd. Turn left onto Middlefield Rd. The Charleston Shopping Center/Pet Food Express will be on the right.

Event Reports

Here we report on the success of our Adoption Events, held monthly in Redwood City, Danville, San Jose, Martinez, Palo Alto and bi-monthly in Sacramento, along with other events we have attended. Thanks to everyone who has come out to meet our volunteers and dogs, and who has adopted a German Shepherd during one of the Adoption Events!

Palo Alto
Adoption Day
May 20, 2017

We had a busy day today in Palo Alto. Lots of people out in the beautiful sunshine stopped by to say hi to all of our dogs and volunteers. Below are the results from the event today.

Tack - Sam & Kristin, (Giammona) from San Jose
Petey - Liyun (An), San Jose
Francesca- Stephen & Sally, Bolder Creek
Egon- Dan & Barbara (Fritschen), San Jose
Dannika - Gary & Susan (Bystrom), Montara

Also adoptions turned in:
Springe - Luis & Jane (Nieves, San Anselmo
Bane Little- Rosemarie & Frederick (Strehlow), Santa Clara
Zoala,- Michele (Raffin) Los Altos
Topper- Darius & Julia (Linette), Menlo Park

$227 in merchandise sales from which $80 was Thulani

$245 in donations came from :

$100 Tack's adopters
$100 Petey's adopters
$30 from Danny's adopters
$ 15 from someone who bought a shirt (she made an addition $15 as donation)

Thank you to everyone who joined us today!!! And to our new volunteers!!

Kat Treadway