Name: Kira
Age: 4 years
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When you inquire about a dog, the following questions might be helpful:

1. Why are you giving up your dog?

2. Has the dog ever bitten, nipped or 'gone after' anyone?

3. Does it have any health problems? Who is your vet? May I contact him/her?

4. Where did you get the dog? Does it have papers?

5. Does your dog have any training? Is it housebroken? crate trained?

6. Is the dog left alone for long periods? What does it do? Bark? Dig? Chew? Is it an inside or outside dog? Where does it sleep?

7. How does the dog behave with adults, children? Other dogs? Cats?

8. Is your dog mellow? calm? energetic? protective? affectionate?


I rescued Kira from the Contra Costa Shelter in Pinole 2 weeks ago. I had been wanting to get another GSD and when we saw he at the shelter we could not leave without her. She had kennel cough so we had to get her over that and she is scheduled to be spayed on the 17th in Martinez. She was picked up as a stray.

Because of the kennel cough we had to keep the two dogs apart for 8 days which was great because it gave me time to learn about her and see what she knows and doesn't know. We immediately started basic obedience training as well as crate training. I quickly realized either she is really smart or at one time she had been trained because with the help of a snack she quickly leaned to go into the crate when directed and simple tasks as in sitting and waiting to be invited into the house were learned very quickly. As far as house training goes in 2 weeks she has had 2 accidents in the house and those were my fault for not watching her close enough, she will go to the sliding door to go out but it is real subtle and I missed it. She is very loving, gentle and calm. She loves balls and playing but will also crash out on the floor next to the couch while I watch TV. On leash she pulls just a little but otherwise walks really good. In two weeks I have really become very attached to her.

She still needs more obedience training, her bad habits are pushing her way through a door without being asked, she is getting better on this daily but continued training is needed. She is very food motivated so it has been a challenge to get her to leave people food alone but like I mentioned she has learned quickly that counter surfing and sniffing my food is unacceptable and she has really backed off on that, I suspect she had been a stray for a while so getting a meal where she could was a way to survive. In fact since she is getting regular meals she hardly counter surfs at all.

Now for the reason I cannot keep the past 2 weeks she has become very attached to me and now that we put the 2 dogs together she will not allow my other dog near me without nipping at him and of course that triggers a negative response from the other dog and so now we have to keep them separated. I cannot say if it is just my other dog that she has a problem with or all dogs but I would have to say she might do best in a one dog home.


Important Note About Dog Descriptions

Please remember that the descriptions of dogs (of Dogs Available) have been written by GSRNC volunteers and are usually based only upon our observation of the dog since the time it was rescued. While we try to provide dog descriptions that are fair and accurate, the nature of our work involves contact with dogs whose background and history are unknown to us. GSRNC cannot warrant or guarantee any dog's future behavior. For example, if we say that a rescue dog gets along with children, cats, or other dogs, this statement is usually based upon the fact that one of our volunteers has observed the dog interacting with his or her own children or pets. While this information may be helpful, we cannot be certain of how a dog will do with the children or pets in your home. If you are considering adopting, we encourage you to come to one of our Adoption Days and meet our rescue dogs. Ultimately, only you can decide whether one of our dogs is right for you.